Forget Apple and Google, this Indian startup might just be the next big thing in tech

Ever wanted to use your fingers to control every gadget around you?


Well, this new device called Fin might just be the right one to help you fulfill your Iron Man desires!


Developed by Rohildev N, a techie from Kerala, Fin is a small wearable ring that connects to all your gadgets – phone, car, TV and other home appliances, and lets you operate them with just the swipe of a thumb.


You can use it as a numeric keypad, as a channel changer and even as a simulation device to play shooting games on your console or PC.

This new gadget is also a great companion for the physically challenged.


The product is currently in testing mode and is expected to hit markets by next year.

Make in India is leading to great inventions!



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  1. The Fin Tech has been in this stage for years…. and all the time I’ve seen people supporting their Innovative idea…. But the truth is they are failing to make such a chip which could hold all those components it needed….. the prototype they made was a disaster…. You could see its co-founders demonstrating them before Indigogo. It was there very before MakeInIndia campaign and among one of the first starups from Kerala…. Its really disappointing that they are too slow in developing the product.

  2. But the sad part is, if it expands company’s like Google and Apple will acquire it. And again this tech will go to US, and brain drain will go on.

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