10 killer features of the MIUI 10

At a glitzy event in Beijing yesterday, budget smartphone maker Xiaomi launched a host of new products including the flagship Mi 8 along with the highly anticipated version of its user interface, MIUI 10. With a focus on optimising the new UI for devices with high screen to body ratio and minimal bezels, MIUI 10 has taken a whole new approach towards providing a more unique user experience.

From the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice assistant to faster performance and revamped apps menu, here are the top 10 features of Xiaomi’s MIUI 10:

Visual Improvements

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Designed for devices with high screen to body ratio and minimal bezels, MIUI 10 sees a drastic visual upgradation over the past versions. Everything looks more refined and blends with the overall graphics. The notification bar has also been changed to better focus on the full-screen experience.

AI Preload


Xiaomi’s UI uses machine learning to enhance your experience. With the help of AI, it sorts out your most used apps, contacts and other things in a way that saves your time and effort. Artificial Intelligence Preload feature in MIUI 10 is capable of reducing the load time of certain apps to zero. It pre-loads the app before you open it by analyzing your usage patterns and daily routine.

AI Portrait


Another Artificial Intelligence feature, AI Portrait allows the phone to take photos with bokeh effect without the need of dual cameras. Smartphones with MIUI 10 will be able to use algorithms to easily identify the foreground and blur the background.

Recents app menu


Unlike the Recents app menu in MIUI 9 which was a sideways scrolling card switcher, MIUI 10 has a 2×2 app list that enables you to see a full preview of app in a layout that maximises screen space and gives you better readability.

New Car Mode

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MIUI 10 also has a new car mode that optimises the layout on your device for better navigation while driving. It adds new voice commands for answering a call, replying to a text message, and changing the route, helping you stay focused on the road at all times.

Smart Device Integration

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IOT has been on the forefront of technological innovation for quite a while now. Likewise, Xiaomi has integrated a feature that’ll let you control all Mi Ecosystem devices through MIUI 10, without requiring a secondary app.

Swipe Gestures

Similar to what Apple did with the iPhone X, MIUI 10 has eliminated the need for a physical home button by adding full screen gesture and swipe gesture support for home, going back and recent apps.

Virtual Assistant

With voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant already popular with the public, Xiaomi has decided to enter the market with its own virtual assistant through MIUI 10, According to Xiaomi, it will be available on all latest devices along with the one that support MIUI 10.

New Ringtones

MIUI 10 also adds new ringtones that mimic nature sounds. You can set them as notification sounds, morning alarms and ringtones. The idea is to make you feel more relaxed during the barrage of notifications you face every day.

Volume Slider

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Unlike the volume slider that used to appear on top of the display, the one in MIUI 10 has been placed on the side where the volume rockers are present. Although it’s a little similar to the one in iOS 11, it is conveniently placed and looks better than the one before.

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