Projector phones and their advantages

by Abhiman

As the name specified, the features of a smart phone as well as the features of a portable projector is combined with it. The users are allowed to enjoy the facility of a projector as well as the smart phones with this type of phones.

The work done by the projector of a projector phone is same as the work performed by a regular projector but the efficiency of a phone’s projector is more than a regular projector. The projector phones are smaller in size as compared to the regular projectors and they can be used anywhere. The projector phones are easy to carry as it is light in weight and also the large spaces are not occupied by this projector phones. The demand of such phones is more among the professionals. The touch screen feature of the projector phones makes navigation easier for its users. An example of projector phone available in the market is the Samsung beam projector galaxy phone. It is single sim phone with its screen up to ten centimeter and having a resolution of 400*800 pixels. The standby time offered by this projector phone is up to five hundred hours on 2G network where as with 3G networks it offers a standby of four hundred hours. The projector phones are equipped with all the features that a smart touch phones provide such as watching videos, television shows, movies, playing songs in the mobile media player, capturing still images as well as videos, making video calls, playing high tech games and many other modern features.

The price of the projector phones varies according to its qualities. A large variety of projector phones are available in the market. Some of them are popcorn projector, alloy casing duals sim projector, micromax projector phone and many other varieties of projector phone. The price range of these projector phones start from a price range of $ 100 and increase according to the features of the projector phones. These projector phones are many used by the professionals of any organization or company as it reduces the tension of keeping regular projector. The sale of projector phones has rapidly increased. These projector phones can be easily bought. It is available in most of the telecom shops as well as the demo of this projector phones are easily available on the internet. Important information regarding a projector phone is available on the internet. Before buying a projector one should check out its all features to ensure that the product is according to their need or not. 

Thus it can be concluded that projector phones are more efficient and portable than the regular phones. Projector phones can be carried easily anywhere anytime. It provides the features of a smart phone along with the projector facility. It also does not need any large space to fit neither any wire based connection to get started.  It can also display all the files that are displayed using a regular projector.


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