Getting to know more about Ubuntu

by Abhiman

Introduction to Ubuntu

What’s an operating system? The answer to this question will be a good start for this topic. An operating system makes the computer function and it is an operating system that runs all the programs and also handles the hardware. Ubuntu happens to be an operating system that can be found in many desktops. The initial release of this operating system happened in the year 2004 and a total of seventeen versions have been released so far. This operating system is not restricted to a particular region and is used by computers and servers across the world.

Ubuntu is a wonderful operating system and has features desired by everyone and more. This operating system is compatible with all kinds of files such as photos, songs and videos on your present system. Not just desktops, Ubuntu can function really well with printers and new age smart phones as well. This operating system is simple and yet quite stylish and as per the standards desired by the people today. There is a long list of good points about this operating system and that is why it has managed to impress a large lot of people around the world. Let us move on to the next part where we list the specifications of Ubuntu.

Characteristics of Ubuntu

Completely secure: security is one of the main features of this operating system. When you install Ubuntu on your system then you can say goodbye to the safety issues as all your important and personal files and folders will remain personal as you want them to. There happens to be a built-in firewall plus virus protection in this operating system which make it totally secure for everyone. If by any chance a potential threat pops up then Ubuntu extends required help to the user.

Quick operating system: Ubuntu is really a fast operating system and can be installed real quickly on literally any system. The speed of installation is even faster if it is installed on new devices. There are no unwanted programs and software in this operating system which definitely contribute to the fast browsing speed.

Compatible: this operating system extends wonderful performance with a lot of different devices. There is absolutely no fuss when it comes to its installation and you can notice that it is perfectly compatible with devices such as printers and MP3 players.

Accessible: Ubuntu believes that computing is for one and all and therefore it is accessible from any part of the world. This operating system is totally translated to not one but a total of forty languages so that it can reach out to everyone.

Ubuntu is loaded with features that can surely impress the people and they have already gathered a lot of fans across the globe. The latest version of this operating system is even better than the previous ones as it is laden with new and advanced features. The newest version of Ubuntu includes a lot of web applications that make it even more advanced and desirable by one and all. Other than that there is a new feature of online search and dash previews added to the operating system. With these new and improved features Ubuntu has become more great and amazing than it already was.


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