Dual SIM Phone - Help or Hassle

by Abhiman

What is a dual SIM phone? To simply put, it is a phone that allows you to fit in two SIM cards into it. You can call from any SIM card. You can use one SIM card at a time or use two at a time. Some mobile phones allow you to use only one SIM card at a time, while several others allow you to use both.

When you receive a call, both the SIM cards are in standby mode. This aspect allows you to attend to the call using any one of the SIM cards. You can also hold a call on one SIM card, whilst attending to the call that came to your other SIM card.

There is so much flexible functionally when you use two SIMs in your phone. So are there advantages or disadvantages to it? The following information discusses this.



You use SIM cards with the best tariff rates. If you are in a foreign country, in addition to having your regular number, you can use a local number. This allows you to call numbers within the country using the local SIM card. You realize lower calling costs.

This is a better way to handle talk time charges when in a foreign country. This is as opposed to incurring roaming charges using your regular SIM card internationally.

Carry one mobile

You don’t need to carry two mobiles to carry two numbers. You just carry one mobile instead. You use one number for professional use and the other for personal use. This way you manage your contacts efficiently.

Call rates

You can use two SIMs from different network service providers. This allows you to take advantage of reduced call rates as and when such tariff policies are introduced.


Multiple network service providers

How do you know which network service provider gives you the best tariff? There are phones that allow you to insert three SIM cards. But even that won’t be reflective of the number of cellular service providers in the country.

In India, there are multiple cellular service providers. Some of them are namely Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Tata, and BSNL.

Problems with network connectivity

There are many customers who experienced network issues when travelling with two SIMs. It is also seems that dual SIM mobile phones have reduced lifespan. There are problems with the software of the device.

Battery sapping

Using two active SIM cards is battery sapping. Now this may not be much of a disadvantage, but it is a disadvantage when you take stock of how much battery time you lost cumulatively. If you think from that perspective, using two SIMs dries your battery faster.


So what is the verdict? The verdict is that it all comes down to personal preference. Clearly, the advantages of dual SIM mobiles are many. The disadvantages are not alarming. They are manageable. Considering this, buying a dual SIM mobile is very helpful. If you can do the research, you can choose the best two SIM cards to use in your mobile phone.


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