7 Astonishingly Amazing Innovations that prove we are finally in the future

Seen a sci-fi film and thought it would be so cool to have that gadget?


Well, chances are someone is already making or has already made it. A lot of inventions from Star Wars and Back To The Future are already a reality with many more in the pipeline.

So here are 7 amazing inventions that will make you go wow.

1. Finger Ruler

Now measure distances by just moving your fingers. That’s it.


2. Portable Mini Printer

No need for coming back home or going to a store. This printer can be controlled by your smartphone.


3. Finger Reader

A boon for the disabled. This gadget read out loud the text you scan it over.


4. A glow-in-the-dark plant

This tobacco plant is now glow-in-the-dark, thanks to some genius biotechnology hobbyists.


5. Off-Grid Messenger

This magical gadget lets you send text messages to people without cell service and WiFi. Wow.


6. Dog-To-Human Translator

Now talk to your dog in English, with this futuristic gadget that converts their woofs to words.


7. Scan and Draw Pen

This blockbuster gadget lets you scan on any surface with a pen, and then write in the exact same colour.


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