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AI has now created a music album, all on its own!

by Arushi Chaudhary

AI is slowly but surely penetrating every aspect of our existence, and evoking a whole host of mixed feelings in us. If the emergence of AI-powered fake porn is disturbing, AI-enabled smart assistants simplifying out day-to-day lives is certainly reassuring. Now, artificial intelligence is being implemented in yet another industry – music – and the results are remarkable.

In August this year, the world got the first-ever music album, titled I AM AI, produced and composed by an artificial intelligence. The tracks have been developed in collaboration with a human singer. The AI bot, Amper, uses the inputs provided by the human artist as references for composing songs.

Break Free, which was the first track from the album to be released in August, sees Amper collaborating with Taryn Southern, a popular name in the entertainment and music industry who has clocked over 500 million views for her music and digital storytelling videos on YoutTube. From the first look, it seems like just another video showcasing two artists singing in perfect coordination, except it isn’t because one of the artists here isn’t a human.

Amper, the bot making its musical debut with this album, has been developed by a team of tech experts and musicians. According to composer Drew Silverstein, one of the core conceivers of this revolutionary AI, Amper has been designed to work in close coordination with human artists, and not entirely on its own. The motivation to create such an artificial intelligence was the team’s belief that collaboration between AI and humans holds the key for evolution of music in the future. Even though the creators admit that Amper got by with a little help from its human partner, it is significant to note that it is the first AI to have created instrumentations and chord structures all by itself.


In doing so, Amper breaks away from the standard practice of using AI in music composition, where human artists are required to largely reinterpret the work done by AI. This means a lot of doubling of effort, where humans have to make significant changes manually to the AI notation of melodies and chords. Amper, on the other hand, rules out the need for such human interventions in its music creation. Another notable feature of this AI is that it can create fresh music using its machine learning capabilities within seconds.

The advent of Amper, which is a marked improvement on its predecessors such as Aiva, an AI trained to compose classical music, and DeepBach, which was trained to create melodies inspired by Baroque artist Johann Sebastian Bach’s music, has definitely set the ground for beginning of a new era. Human musicians working alongside with AI or even competing with them could soon become the new normal.

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