Amazon Echo Flex is an Alexa enabler at the price of an Echo Dot speaker

by KF Team

Amazon Echo Flex is the latest in Amazon's lineup of Alexa-powered smart devices in the Indian market. The most affordable produce in Amazon India's Echo lineup, the Echo Flex is a Rs 2,999 plug-in smart gadget that lets you control all of your smart home gadgets with the added convenience of no wires and minimal space.

The Echo Flex plugs in directly to a socket, allowing users to eliminate the need of wires to use an Echo device. And, it does anything that an Echo Dot would, including listen to "Alexa" hotword, play music, make hands-free calls, control smart gadgets on the same network, among others.

Apart from these features, the Echo Flex also has a USB-A port that allows you to charge your electronic devices, with charging speeds of up to 7.5W. Adding to that, the Amazon Echo Flex also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to connect any stereo or regular speakers. This is extremely helpful considering the Flex might not have powerful speakers.

In fact, the Echo Flex has a tiny 0.6-inch speaker that is definitely not good enough for music playback. As for connectivity, the new gadget supports dual-band Wi-Fi networks, including support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz, as on other Echo devices.

If convenience is what you want, the Echo Flex is a no-brainer for the utility it offers. However, if value for money is your pick, buy the Echo Dot over this.

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