These 6 Android apps can help you quit smoking

by KF Team

Are you trying to quit smoking? Everyone is aware of the serious health issues that smoking has, but not everyone is willing to quit because of how strong nicotine addiction is.

There are quite a lot of Android apps on the Google Play Store that help you quit the butt for good. Here are some you should try out.

1. QuitNow

This free app motivates you to quit smoking by giving you an idea of where you stand currently. It shows statistics like days since your last smoke, money saved, number of cigarettes you avoided in that time. It also logs these achievements to help you work towards an end goal.

2. Smoke Free

Developed by David Crane PhD, this free app lets you see how long you have been smoke free, the money you’ve saved from not smoking, number of cigarettes you’ve not smoked, and how your health is improving. You can also share your achievements with friends to keep you motivated.

3. Quit Tracker

With Quit Tracker, you can monitor how close you are to reaching a smoke-free lifestyle. Monetary benefits are also shown in the app, as is the minutes of life you saved by not burning them away.

4. EasyQuit

Yet another popular Android app to quit smoking is called EasyQuit. This app offers users with a quit smoking slowly mode, scientific health statistics, money saved, motivational badges, and other related features.

5. Flamy

Flamy offers you two programmes to quit smoking: A slower one called "One less every day", or quit smoking quickly with the "14 Days Challenge". You can also use the app to challenge your friends, helping both of you quit together.

6. Quit Smoking Tracker GOLD

Priced at Rs. 240, this Android app helps you quit using some scientific proven techniques. The app can create personal achievements by importing your Amazon Wishlist. Get notified when you can buy something from your wishlist with your saved money and smoke free time.

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