Another company launches another phone with iPhone X like design and notch

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by Ivan Mehta

They came, they copied and they launched. But they didn't try. This has been a year of Android phones with notches. And while they were making fun of it when Apple launched iPhone X last year this year the manufacturers are launching phones with the notch left, right and centre vehemently justifying it. However, it doesn't end there. Some of the companies have launched the phones which look exactly like iPhone X.


The notch on the front, the size of the notch, the curves, the placement of the dual cameras on the back and even the style of the wallpaper in press renders. Some companies have at least 'tried' and made the notch smaller or bring in some aesthetic changes but there are some total rebels who don't believe in changing anything. It sucks that iOS is not freely available for the phone makers to load on the smartphones. Ask some of the Chinese companies, they tried very hard to do that by copying elements of Apple's operating system.

Sure, a lot of people would wish to use an iPhone at a cheaper price. But does a copied design justify it? Probably I am wrong here and people do accept this phenomenon wholeheartedly. Although, the companies who have followed the suit are better than this and they are capable of creating their own design which will stand out. Someone joked in a Tweet saying that Jony Ive is the design officer for the whole smartphone industry and truth isn't too far from it at the moment.


The companies have got a free pass from fans and critiques many times in the name of technological progress but this is outright lazy. I am ready to publish this every week and I don't think things would change much as there is a phone launch like this almost every other week. I really hope I don't have to do that though.

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