Apple 1 computer made by Steve Jobs is expected to sell at auction for over Rs 2.1 crore

That too in full working condition

The original Apple 1 computer, designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the 1970s is still alive and kicking. One of its models, which is still fully functional, is about to go on sale this September as an antique. The rare iteration is one of the only 60 of such computers known to still exist today. It is being auctioned by Boston-based RR Auction and is expected to fetch over $300,000 or Rs 2.1 crore approx (price of a supercar in today’s terms).


RR Auctions is preparing to take bids on a functioning, late "Byte Shop"-style Apple-1 model, which comes from a batch of 50 computers made by Jobs and Wozniak specifically for the Byte Shop in Mountain View, California, one of the first personal computer stores in the world. Interestingly the auction lot won’t just include the motherboard, but also the cassette interface, operation manual, a period 'open frame' Sanyo 4205 video monitor and a period surplus ASCII keyboard among other things, that’ll let the user fire it up and actually experience how powerful the Apple computer was in 1976.


According to the details available on the website of RR Auction the device was restored to its original, operational state in June this year by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen. "The most remarkable aspect of this Apple-1 computer is that it is documented to be fully operational: the system was operated without fault for approximately eight hours in a comprehensive test," the auctioning site notes in its product description.


Other Apple goodies that’ll go on sale at this auction include a 1982 Apple report with a personal message and signature from Jobs that includes a common misspelling ('your' instead of 'you're') and a program signed by both Jobs and NFL running back Herschel Walker from an event back in time.

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