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WATCH: Apple Credit Card connects to iPhone as seamlessly as AirPods

by KF Team

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled its first credit card - simply called the Apple Card. While Apple did not announce much of the details at the launch event, the Apple Card has now been released and is rolling out to the first set of users in the US. A user from the US was one of the first to get their hands on an Apple Card, and he took to Twitter to reveal how simple it is to pair the credit card with his iPhone.

The Apple Card is seen to arrive in a colourful envelope, which Zachary Honig (the user) is seen to have received with his name on it. He places the back of his iPhone on the Apple Card and receives a notification instantly on the smartphone. The notification shows a card with an activation button. The video shows Honig clicking the Activate button and the card gets paired within a couple of seconds.

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This process is similar the wireless Apple AirPods. As soon as you flip open the case of the AirPods, your nearby iPhone detects them and gives you the option to activate them using your Apple ID.

This is probably what Apple is aiming to do with the Apple Card as well. Apple recently jumped into the loyalty and rewards industry with the Apple Card that offers cashback on every purchase, with the need of paying any fee.

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