Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode goes official: Check out all the features

Call Of Duty Mobile is the scaled-down version of the popular PC and console game, with a Battle Royale mode, made popular by the likes of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. The battle royale mode of the game just went live for beta users on mobile, and early reviews suggest it is better than its competitors with a polished gameplay and additional features.

Starting off, you can choose for yourself a 'Class' to allow you to slowly strengthen your skills in the game. According to MensXP, playing in the 'Scout' class will get you a 'Sensor Dart', with which you can see the hostile position in the radar map. The 'Medic' class will allow you to set up a medical station that heals you and allies continuously, and so on.

This compared to the standard pool method of PUBG Mobile makes CoD: Mobile all the more customisable. It can be an advantage for players who wish to select different classes during gameplay.

Much like the battle royale modes in PUBG and other such games, you will become part of a loadout lobby that will commence the game once 100 players join in. If you're playing in a squad or duos, one of the players will be a designated 'Jump Leader'. This player will get all teammates to a particular spot on the map, much like Apex Legends.

Contrary to the parachute in PUBG Mobile, players fly down with the help of wingsuits. You can use the suits to fly to any place on the map. Once down, the game has a military-style experience. All players are camouflaged by default, making it extremely tough to detect others in the wild.

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