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These two Delhi teens created a gadget that can charge your phone when you walk

by KF Team

Two 19-year olds from India back in 2015 decided to work on an innovation that aims to combine the  hassle of charging mobile phones with the healthy habit of walking outdoors. Delhi-based Mohak Bhalla and Anand Gangadharan have been working on the Walkie Mobi Charger, a device that can charge your mobile phone using kinetic energy while you walk.

The Better India The Better India

The duo have been working on the gadget for the past four year, and are optimistic about bringing the product to market within the next couple of years. Started in class 10th, the two have since moved on to pursuing their engineering degrees in Delhi and Chennai, as per a report by The Better India.

“When we were brainstorming for the project we came across stories of how a country abroad used electricity generated by the footsteps of commuters to light up the work stations and platforms. It motivated us to think - why don’t we use a concept like this that could help individuals generate electricity for themselves, while also helping them to stay fit by walking?” said Anand to TBI.

The two are also aiming to cut down on carbon footprint by helping users utilise less electricity. First two of their prototypes were rejected, however the third prototype was approved. This prototype can be attached to both legs, electricity from which gets stored in an external battery.

Both the students are confident that price per unit can go down to as low as Rs 500 provided there is decent demand.

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