Here's how you can download and install Fortnite on any Android smartphone

by Mahit Huilgol

Fortnite is arguably one of the most popular mobile games. The game has a huge fan following on iOS but things haven't been that smooth on Android. Yes, the most popular mobile game is yet to establish itself on Android, the most popular mobile operating system. The Fortnite was touted as an early exclusive for Samsung devices and after a month the game is still not available on Google Play store. In order to play Fortnite on Android, you need to go through some hoops and we promise it is going to be worth it.


The Fortnite apk needs to be sideloaded and for this to happen you need to toggle with a couple of settings and install the game. However, before we begin here is a word of caution, don't download the Fortnite from anywhere but the official Epic website. It is very likely that the apk files from unofficial sources will be spiked with malware and adware.

Wondering why the Fortnite is not available on the Playstore? Well, here is the reason, Google Playstore takes a cut of up to 30 percent for in-app purchases and since Fortnite is already so popular it is safe to assume that people will walk an extra mile to install the game. Also before we begin the actual installation make sure that your phone has the required storage space and is hooked to a reliable internet connection. Follow the steps below,

  • Ensure that your phone supports Fortnite. You can refer to the official list here
  • Go to or you can also scan the QR code on this page
  • Once you click on the link, the download will begin

In order to proceed with the installation, you are required to change some security settings as Android by default doesn't allow users to sideload apk files.

  • Go to Settings and Tap on “Install Unknown Apps”
  • Now toggle over “Allow from this source.”
  • After a couple of prompts, the app should get installed.

The installation is only still pending as you need to download the data files. In order to do this Android will ask you permission to “access photos, media, and files on the device.” Tap on Allow and now the actual game files will start downloading. The download is sized at somewhere around 2GB so this shouldn't take much time provided you are on a reliable and fast internet connection. That being said, you are advised not to download on metered connections.

Okay, so here you go! The Fortnite beta is ripe and ready on your Android phone. We hope you enjoy endless hours of playtime. And yes you can revoke the “Install Unknown Apps” permission in the settings, just in case. All said and done, the Fortnite for Android is still in beta and thus you need to make peace with bugs or errors for the time being.

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