Recent Facebook hack could be way bigger than we thought

by Hemal V

The data privacy concerns for Facebook do not seem to be going anywhere ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke earlier this year. Just when the company was beginning to get back the trust of some of its users, a hack that occurred earlier in September has rocked the social media giant. The engineers at Facebook required almost 11 days to stop the attack completely and the general public was told about it only a few days back.

Almost after a week since the hacking incident was made public, no one exactly knows who the attackers were, what were their intentions, or even what did they do after hacking the accounts. The users targeted were from which country or what all information was accessed, and for how long, is not yet known. This could be a serious sign which hints at huge things that could occur in the future.




The hackers could post private messages of 50 million users online for everyone to read. They could be potential blackmailers targeting the government or wealthy individuals. It is entirely possible that they might never do anything or they may have not even stolen any data. Alternatively, it is also possible that they will use the stolen data as and when they feel the need.

The hackers got access to at least 50 million accounts by exploiting three separate vulnerabilities in the Facebook’s code. Now, hackers could do to Facebook what was done to Ashley Madison (an extra-marital affairs website) in 2015 and the company will lose a lot of its customers. The hackers had access to the data for 11 days, what could they have done during this period remains a mystery.

The social media tech giant’s future hangs in the balance until concrete information about the damage is available. Soon Facebook will have to provide answers not just to people but governments across the world. Google, on the other hand, appears to be in no hurry to help Facebook solve the mess and prevent further hacking attempts.





A simple search on YouTube will show you numerous DIY videos that will teach you how to hack Facebook. The videos show how to steal “access tokens” which are required to help user log-in without entering the password repeatedly. Interestingly, some of the videos on YouTube described methods similar to the ones employed by the hackers.

Availability of DIY videos gives access to hacking techniques to the average user in the simplest form. At the time of writing, such videos are still available on YouTube and Google seems to be in no hurry to take them down. As far as Facebook is concerned, things are about to get more difficult in the days to come. Stay tuned to Killerfeatures for more updates.

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