Gaming on Windows 10 about to get better as Microsoft is putting in a secret ‘Game Mode’ for epic performance

It’s great news for all you purist PC gamers out there.


Twitter user @h0x0D just leaked an update from the new Windows 10 Insider Build, which contains a ‘gamemode.dll’ file.


This file is expected to allow Windows 10 to adjust CPU and GPU resources when running a game to allocate more power for the game that’s running instead of toward any background apps.


What this jargon means essentially is that it will allow your PC to function like a console; giving video games the authority to use it for the sole purpose of playing games, if the need arises.

With the competition, in the form of Xbox (already owned by Microsoft) and PS4, Windows finally seems to have realised the true potential of PC gaming as a genre in itself.


Microsoft has not yet officially announced the game mode; it is expected to come with the Big Creators Update in early 2017.

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