5 interesting Google Easter Eggs you should know about

by Hemal V

Internet search has become a mundane task where you type something and wait for the results to pop-up. Next step is to browse through the results to find out the links that may best answer your queries. However, developers at Google are well aware of your plight and to make it fun for you, Google has hidden several Easter Eggs in the search engine. Easter Eggs are hidden software codes that are designed to surprise you with some unexpected outcome. Let us look at some of the interesting Easter Eggs that you should try right-away.

Do a barrel roll

This is one of the oldest Easter Egg is hidden in Google, type “Do a barrel roll” and experience the dizziness of your screen rolling. That is not it, there is also a function that allows you to “Do a barrel roll twice” for even higher dizziness. You will have to click the first result, then the webpage will roll twice leaving you in amazed.

Zerg Rush

Ten Google Easter Eggs Cattail Down - victoria-b

Have you ever wanted to just erase all the search results out of sheer frustration or just for fun? The good news is that Google has programmed a way to make this possible. Type “Zerg Rush” and the Zergs will start eating your search results. You can stop it using your mouse, the mouse is your gun and you can make them disappear by clicking on them. This will take you back to your gaming days, but there is no trick to win here.


Love the bright blinking lights during the Diwali? Google developers also seem to love the blinking of search results. You can type <Blink> in the search bar and all the Blinks in the search results will Blink. It is not something great, but certainly, an easy way to amuse a few among us. If not anything else, use it to scare someone by claiming their display is not working fine or something like that.

Tic Tac Toe


Who does not love playing Tic Tac Toe and remember the carefree school days? Most of us have played the game on the back of our notebooks. While we don’t play it nowadays thanks to the mobiles, Google let’s us cherish the memories. Type “Tic Tac Toe” and play the game with a computer or play it with a friend. If you are running out of paper, you can also play with your friend on the same computer.


Many among us use Google to search for the meaning of words that we come across online. Trying searching the definition of word “askew” which by the way means, not in a straight line. So, Google not only tells you the meaning but shows it to you as well. The result page for the search term “askew” will display results which are not in a straight line or which are askewed.

Have you discovered any other hidden Google Easter Eggs? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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