Google’s new patent reveals a dual-display design for laptop

This can be the future of convertibles

by Abhiman

Google has been coming up with new ideas for its upcoming laptops and filing patents for the same very regularly. In the past, we have seen a couple of innovative patents filed by the Mountain View giant including a motorised hinge and another with a unique convertible design. Now, in yet another patent filed by the brand, it has been revealed that Google might be planning to launch a laptop with a dual-display design.


Spotted on the website of United States Patent and Trademark Office, the patent reveals an interesting design of what seems like a convertible laptop. Conventionally, a 2-in1 laptop rotates on the hinge to go into the tablet mode with the keyboard on the behind and exposed. However, the latest patent drawing from the brand reveals that Google might plonk a secondary display on top of the lid. This way, users can conveniently use the laptop in the tablet mode, without worrying about the keyboard on the back. Moreover, another image in the same patent reveals what looks like the charging port of the laptop. No further detail is known about the upcoming device.


While the new patent looks interesting and innovative, Google has several other innovative patents under its belt. One of the most interesting ones has to be the motorised hinge design mentioned before. The design showed a touch-sensitive section on the lid of the laptop to recognise user tap. Thereafter, an array of ambient light sensors and cameras will be detecting the user’s face and adjust the display to the best angle for viewing, Moreover, the opening and closing of the lid was also shown to be automated in the patent.

However, do bear in mind that these patented designs are mostly the concept that the brand might work on. They might or might not actually see the light of the day, however, the latest dual display design seems feasible as compared to other designs seen in the past. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment box below.

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