Jio Prime Membership is here! 6 Things that Mukesh Ambani announced today for Jio’s future

Mukesh Ambani today stepped on stage to make big announcements for Reliance Jio.

Indian Express
Indian Express

The company recently crossed big milestones in India and is on the way to becoming the biggest market player when it comes to mobile SIM cards.

Here are the top 6 announcements from today.

1. Jio crosses 100 Million Users in India

After announcing the 5 crore milestone in December, Jio now has a massive user base of 10 crore or 100 million users in India. This milestone was crossed in just 170 days.


2. Reliance Jio will cover 99% of India’s population soon

Mukesh Ambani made promising announcements that Jio will soon reach over 99% of India’s population, a feat achieved by none!

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3. Existing 10 Million Jio users to get the most benefits

All existing users of Jio, before 31st March 2017, will get Jio Prime Membership subscription.  It is priced at Rs 99 for an entire year.


4. Jio Prime Membership

Existing Jio users can get the same unlimited ‘Happy New Year’ offer for just Rs 303/month, effectively Rs 10/day till 31st March 2018, under the Prime membership. ‘This is in addition to the 99/year for just the Prime subscription.’


5. Full bouquet of Jio’s services

All Jio Prime members will get free access to all of Jio’s media services worth Rs 10,000.


6. Massive coverage of retail stores

Reliance Jio has now successfully tied up with more than 1 crore retail stores all across India.



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