Here are the killer features of the ASUS ROG phone for gamers

by Ivan Mehta

In a surprise announcement, ASUS revealed its new ROG phone targeted towards the gaming community. The gaming phones have been the trend of the year with Xiaomi's BlackShark and the Razer phone launching earlier. Here are some of the killer features of the ROG phone.

1.Ultra high performance with top end processor and store

ASUS ROG phone will launch with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 845 processor along with Adreno 630 GPU. It will also have 8GB of RAM so there won't be any stutter in playing games. Additionally, the phone ships with 512 GB of storage which available in very few smartphones.

2. A high contrast 90Hz display designed for gaming

A top end display is probably one of the most core requirements for a gaming phone. ROG phone has a 6-inch AMOLED display with 10000:1 contrast ratio. It also supports a refresh rate of 90Hz and 1ms response time so there is no lag while you play AAA rated games.

3. Proprietary cooling system

A problem even the high-end phones face while gaming is heating. ASUS has deployed a system called Gamecool which uses 3D vapour cooling to provide 16x more surface area as compared to a traditional smartphone. The company claims that this system helps the CPU to sustain peak clock speed for 5x longer than a standard phone.

asus-rog-phone-gaming-smartphone4. Unique touch controls for gaming

The ROG phone comes with three unique ultrasonic AirTrigger touch sensors. These ultrasonic sensors only need a light touch for activation. ASUS claims that they are 4x lighter than the regular screen-based controls. Two of the sensors are located on the top of the display which can act as triggers while playing the game in the landscape mode. Additionally, the haptics of the phone has been enhanced by the force-feedback mechanism for better gaming performance. 

5. High-end audio support

Apart from featuring front-facing dual stereo speakers, the phone has special amplifiers for enhanced audio performance. It will also support high-end 24-bit audio natively.

6. A special gaming mode

We have seen gaming modes on phones such as OnePlus 6, Razer and Samsung Galaxy S9. ASUS has introduced a special mode called mode X in ROG phone. It clears out the RAM and dedicates that to gaming, It even activates AeroActive mode for optimised heat control. The CPU recourses are managed to provide an extra boost for gaming. Any other battery or CPU intensive tasks are also killed.

7. Extended accessory support

ASUS ROG phone supports tons of gaming accessories. TwinView dock turns the phone into a dual screen experience for streaming and watching games. It has two extra triggers, 6000 mAh and quad-speaker audio setup.



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