Here's a rundown on one of the most expensive air purifiers in the market

India’s National Capital Region has been plagued with toxic air for quite some time now. Despite government’s efforts to reduce the toxicity by launching various schemes such as the odd-even program, the particulate matter concentrations (PM10 and PM2.5) in the state are still at extremely high levels. In an attempt to counter the deteriorating quality of the air, more and more consumers are rallying behind the idea of having at least one Air Purifier in their homes.


Since demand equals supply, various tech companies have started selling Air Purifiers in the country too. Dyson is one such brand and the company recently announced the Pure Cool Air Purifier in the country for Rs 39,999. We managed to get our hands on a unit and here’s a quick summary of its capabilities.

dyson-pure-cool-overview09Dyson’s Pure Cool is arguably one of the most unique-looking air purifiers you’ll find in the market, primarily because of the unit’s fan-less design. The air purifier is a two-piece unit and comes with the base which houses the company’s 360-degree Glass HEPA filter along with various other electronics and a suction fan. The top unit comprises of the company’s proprietary fan-less module.

Setting up the Pure Cool is a straight-forward process and all you have to do is align the tower to the base until you hear a ‘click’ sound. Disassembling the air purifier is just as simple, you can simply push the buttons on either side of the base to remove the fan-less module. Then, you can just pull out the HEPA filter and change it for a new one if need be. Moreover, you’ll also get a tiny controller with the Pure Cool to control it remotely from a distance.


Before I talk about all the bells and whistles which the Pure Cool packs, allow me to brief you on how the air purifier actually works. After all, I’m sure you must be intrigued as to how the air purifier manages to push out air from the top without using a fan. Well, the Pure Cool isn’t truly fan-less and it has a fan present inside the base. The air from the surroundings is sucked into the 360-degree HEPA filter and is then driven through the tower, which has very tiny openings running across its perimeter and finally pushed outwards. Now, I know what you might be thinking – the purifier spews air corresponding to the surface area of the slits along the tower, which isn’t a lot.


Well, that’s where the company’s Air Multiplication technology comes in. You see, engineers at Dyson have used the principle of inducement and entrainment, owing to which the surrounding air is also drawn into the airflow. In simpler terms, when air flows throw the slits in the tower, the air which is behind the fan is also sucked in, which is known as inducement. Similarly, the air along the edges of the fan will also flow in the direction of the air being pushed out by the slits, which is known as entrainment.


Now that you’re up to speed with how the purifier actually works, let’s take a look at the different features which the Pure Cool offers. First and foremost, the Glass HEPA filter inside the purifier can capture pollutants as small as 0.1 microns in size. The company even claims that the Pure Cool can remove 99.95 percent of suspended particles in the air. You can manually tweak the speed of the fan, or can simply use the Pure Cool in auto mode, which detects the number of particulates in your surrounding and adjusts the airflow accordingly. You’ll also get a night mode with the device, which when enabled, dims the Pure Cool’s LED display and reduces the fan speed so as to create less noise.


The Dyson Pure Cool is also a connected device and comes with a dedicated app which can be used to control the purifier from wherever you are in the world. To do so, you’ll have to link the air purifier to your home network and then download the Dyson Link app from either the Play Store or the Apple Store. Besides controlling the purifier from a different state, you can even view the air quality index data (AQI) on the app, which is broken down into daily and weekly charts.


As I mentioned previously, the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier retails for Rs 39,999, which is a significant chunk more than what you would pay for say, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 which costs just Rs 8,999. That said, the fan-less design of the Pure Cool along with its IoT capabilities command a premium. Therefore, if you don’t mind splurging a relatively large amount on an air purifier to breathe fresh and clean air, do give the Dyson Pure Cool a second look.

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