How to mirror your smartphone's display on a smart TV

Follow these steps to enjoy your phone's content on a large screen

by shaurya

Mirroring your smartphone’s display on the big screen is one of the easiest ways to share the content of your phone with your friends or family on a large screen. It’s also a nifty way to hold professional presentations. Almost all smart TVs have this functionality, thanks to the built-in Miracast feature. So if you are wondering how can you mirror your device’s content to your television, then read on.


What you need:

Before you begin, you need to ensure the following things to mirror your smartphone’s display.

  • The smartphone and smart TV must have support for Miracast technology
  • The smart TV and phone should be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The smartphone must be running Android 4.4 or above

Steps to follow:

  1. Turn on the Miracast option on your smart TV and then check the name of the smart TV properly so that you can identify the television on your phone.
  • Different TV brands have their own way of showing the Miracast option in the settings. You can refer to the user manual of your TV for more details on how to turn on the feature.
  1. Access the Cast feature on your phone


  • Similar to TV companies, different phone manufacturers display the cast option in their own way
  • For smartphones running stock Android, you can access the cast option from the Quick Settings panel. If you are unable to see the cast option, you just need to tap on the edit button and there you can find the cast option. You simply need to drag and drop the cast menu to the quick settings and press done
  • For Samsung devices, you’ll find this option by the name of Smart View, which can be accessed from the quick settings panel. OPPO refers to this option as Wireless Display, and it can be found in Settings > Other Connection Settings > Wireless Display


  1. After tapping on the Cast option, look for the name of the smart TV and tap on that. Wait for some time till the connection gets established, and once done you will be able to see your smartphone’s display on your Smart TV.

If you do not own a smart TV or your TV does not have the Miracast feature, then fret not. You can purchase streaming devices like the Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV which allow you to mirror your smartphone’s display to the TV. iPhone users can consider buying the Apple TV to get the same functionality, which makes use of Apple's AirPlay mirroring tech. Do note however, that your phone and the smart television / streaming device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


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