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Hyundai cars get a price cut of up to Rs 3.72 lakh post GST

The top end model of the Hyundai Verna gets a price cut of Rs 1.21 lakh

With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) being successfully implemented across India from July 1st, the government has already announced the different tax slabs for different industries. Now, there are some discounts are pouring in and we couldn’t be happier. Especially, in the automobile segment.

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Starting July 1, Hyundai India has officially reduced prices for all its car models in India by up to 12 percent. Starting from Rs 1,000 on its cheapest car, the Eon, Hyundai India is offering price cuts up to Rs 3.72 Lakh on its premium SUV – the Santa Fe. The company has welcomed GST and is offering the benefits directly to the consumer.

The Hyundai Creta will be discounted by up to Rs 1.4 Lakh, the Elite i20 by up to Rs 55,000 and the Verna by up to Rs 1.21 Lakh. The company’s most popular car, arguably, the Hyundai Grand i10, is also getting a big price cut starting from Rs 4,000 with the top model’s price reduced to about Rs 39,000.

As cars now come under a lower tax bracket, all Indian car sellers are quickly adapting to pass on the price cuts to the customer, thereby ensuring that they stay a step ahead from competition.

Here is a breakdown of the new ex-showroom prices. (courtesy: CarDekho)


Model Price Range Pre GST Price Range Post GST Difference
Hyundai Eon 3.32-4.56 3.31-4.56 0.01 lakh
Hyundai Grand i10 4.59-7.37 4.55-7.3 0.04-0.07 lakh
Hyundai Elite i20 5.36-9.07 5.31-8.97 0.05-0.10 lakh
Hyundai Xcent 5.38-8.41 5.33-8.39 0.02-0.05 lakh
Hyundai i20 Active 6.78-9.78 6.68-9.63 0.10-0.15 lakh
Hyundai Verna 7.95-13.17 7.84-12.62 0.11-0.55 lakh
Hyundai Creta 9.28-14.56 8.92-13.93 0.36-0.63 lakh
Hyundai Elantra 13-19.31 12.48-18.46 0.52-0.85 lakh
Hyundai Tucson 19-25.01 18.13-23.86 0.87-1.15 lakh
Hyundai Santa Fe 29.58-33 27.86-31.07 1.72-1.93 lakh


Model Price Range Pre GST Price Range Post GST Difference
Hyundai Eon 3.48-4.79 3.3-4.56 0.18-0.23 lakh
Hyundai Grand i10 4.89-7.75 4.57-7.36 0.32-0.39 lakh
Hyundai Elite i20 5.66-9.58 5.33-9.03 0.33-0.55 lakh
Hyundai Xcent 5.56-8.51 5.35-8.43 0.08-0.21 lakh
Hyundai i20 Active 7.14-10.32 6.72-9.72 0.42-0.60 lakh
Hyundai Verna 8.38-13.9 7.84-12.69 0.54-1.21 lakh
Hyundai Creta 9.81-15.4 8.91-14 0.90-1.40 lakh
Hyundai Tucson 20.09-26.45 18.17-23.97 1.92-2.48 lakh
Hyundai Elantra 13.73-20.41 12.5-18.56 1.23-1.85 lakh
Hyundai Santa Fe 31.24-34.86 27.92-31.14 3.32-3.72 lakh

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