iPhone XR now being assembled in India as part of 'Make in India' initiative

by KF Team

After several months of discussion with the authorities, Apple has now officially started assembling the iPhone XR, its highest selling iPhone model currently, in India. As part of the partnership, Apple will assemble the iPhone XR at Foxconn's manufacturing plant in the country. The development was confirmed as several iPhone XR units were spotted at Indian electronic stores with "Assembled in India" tags.

To recall, Apple reduced the pricing of the iPhone XR in India to Rs 49,900 for the 64GB version, after the launch of the iPhone 11 range in the country. However, ongoing online Diwali sales brought down the price to Rs 40,000 for certain buyers.

Credits: Newley Purnell/ WSJ Credits: Newley Purnell/ WSJ

With this development, prices for the iPhone XR are expected to go down further assuming Apple transfers exemption benefits to the customer. Earlier this year, Apple had cut prices of the iPhone XR substantially, prompting a buying spree that helped Apple retain a 2% share in the rational Indian smartphone market.

A Reuters report had recently claimed that high-end iPhone models would soon be assembled in India. After the iPhone XR, we could the iPhone 11 to be part of the assembly line at Foxconn's India factory.

A trade war between US and China is underway and India is looking to take advantage of the same by luring US corporations to manufacture and assemble in India, offering them lucrative benefits.

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