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How to use Kumbh app on Jio Phone: Lost and found, songs, and more

by Ankit Chawla

Telecom giant Reliance Jio this week launched its latest Kumbh JioPhone app for the company's 4G feature phone, via the Jio app store.

Made available for the duration of the Maha Kumbh 2019, which will be held between January 14 and March 4, 2019, are three brand new apps particularly designed for users taking part in the Hindu festival in UP this year.

These three apps have been called: Kumbh JioPhone, Lost and found, and Friends and Family locator. Killer Features got early access to the new apps and here are some quick tips on how to use them.


Kumbh JioPhone is essentially the hub for all services that Reliance Jio has announced for Maha Kumbh 2019 festival. In the video attached (coming soon), you can see that it has multiple options to choose fromĀ including Kumbh Info, Lost and found, Family Finder, Jio Games, Kumbh Radio, Jio Quizzes, and Kumbh Darshan.

The Kumbh Info tab is meant to provide attendees with information around the Maha Kumbh 2019 event. This includes things like popular attractions, dates for holy dip, how to reach, emergency contacts, and places to visit.

In Lost and found, users can either look for or report missing persons in the festival. These names will be added to a database that is accessible across Jio Phone devices by users in the vicinity. This crowdsourcing exercise could act as an effective way to find your loved ones.

Kumbh Radio is nothing but a list of curated music playlists and albums that consists of songs related to the auspicious Hindu festival.

And, finally, the friends and family finder feature can be used to group family and friends who are travelling with you, making it easier to contact and locate them during the chaotic celebrations.

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