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Updated on: 27th May 2020
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Latest Questions about Apple Mobiles

What is 3D Touch and what are its advantages? Does it work in all iPhones?

3D Touch or Force Touch, as it is commonly called, is one of the advanced features innovated by Apple since iPhone 6S. To answer the second question, this feature is only available in iPhone 6S and above, so to use it you will have to get one of those. Till now, there were press and long press options to get certain tasks done on touchscreen devices, now Apple has added force into equation as well. By applying little extra force irrespective of time, a list of important functions pops out without even opening the app. Apple calling it Peek and Pop or Quick Action. To illustrate, suppose you want to take a selfie, instead of opening the camera and flipping the camera to front camera, you simply press the camera icon a little harder and tap on take selfie. Also, some of the most popular applications also support the same as Whatsapp lets you go directly to a list of recent chats, search chats, start a new chat or read starred message without even opening the app itself. So, it definitely is a good feature to have in a phone to save a lot of time and for convenience.

I want to transfer files from friend's phone to iPhone but not able to. Why?

Apple has made it a point that all the tracks, apps and other content in its ecosystem are authentic and to be paid for to support the artist or creator. To protect the interest of artists, developers and contributors, the brand has turned off data sharing through Bluetooth, NFC or any other means. However, it introduced a feature called Airdrop from iOS 7 and above, which allows iOS users to share pictures and videos on their devices with each other. Also, there are other apps like ShareIT and Xender that allows users to transfer between iOS and Android, however, even they are quite limited in their functions. This is not a drawback but in fact a benefit that makes the Apple ecosystem one of the most secure on the planet.

Why is my iPhone not detecting my Indian SIM card?

This might be the case of either your handset has been imported from abroad or the device has been iCloud locked by the previous user. To elaborate, in US and other countries, iPhones are sold under contract by major telecom operators where users get the latest iPhones for a nominal price but the catch is that the iPhones are locked to their network and for a duration of time it stays that way. If your iPhone is one of these locked handsets, you will have to get it factory unlocked to be able to use it. Other case can be if you have bought the phone from an existing user and the device has been iCloud locked then nothing can be done.

What is AppleCare and Care ? Is it worth getting it?

The default warranty that comes with iPhones is of little use since it does not cover any accidental damages. Apple has come up with a solution for this in the form of AppleCare and Care+. The AppleCare plan extends the normal warranty of the device by 2 years and the Care+ adds the protection against accidental damages as well. Apple Care+ Plan is definitely worth a buy since you can have the peace of mind that in case you drop or do any other accidental damage to your iPhone, Apple will repair or replace it for a nominal charge for screen damage or other accidental damages.

I am planning to buy an iPhone, for how long can I expect software support from Apple?

To start off, any handset, however expensive it might be, gets a very limited update support from its maker in terms of operating system. The standard duration of software update for and Android smartphone is 2 years atleast. However, Apple supports its handsets for at least 3-4 years, post which the handset itself is discontinued so no point updating the same.