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Updated on: 5th April 2020
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Latest Questions about Oneplus Mobiles

Does OnePlus still comes with Cyanogen OS or something else?

One of the highlights of the first and second generation OnePlus smartphones was the OS running on them. These handsets came running on the best custom Android OS there was viz. Cyanogenmod OS. However, after a tiff with YU over rights of using Cyanogen in Indian handset market, OnePlus disassociated itself from the OS team and came up with its own custom OS. This new operating system is called Oxygen OS and has been developed by the team behind Paranoid Android, another popular custom OS. The Oxygen OS is as good as Cyanogen was and is even better since the interface is being designed in-house by the brand to assure best hardware and software harmony. The best part is that the software updates are quite frequent. You'll never miss Stock Android with OxygenOS offering a light and customizable experience.

Does the Flagship Killer justified for OnePlus devices or is it exaggeration?

When OnePlus One came out and proclaimed to be the Flagship Killer, many rolled their eyes and swore that there must be some or other drawback in the handset. While, the first and second generation devices did have their flaws, no one could deny that the handsets were the best in the price range they were slotted in. And then along came the OnePlus 3, that is the true flagship killer with no flaw of its own. So, we can safely say that the flagship killer that OnePlus has associated itself with is completely justified, as you get all those features under INR 30,000 for which you would have had to pay upwards of INR 50,000 at least.

OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T, which one should I go for?

No one was expecting OnePlus to come up with 3T just months after launching OnePlus 3. Those who have already bought the OnePlus 3 are not missing out on much unless they are very particular and like to click selfies. If you have not already bought it and do not mind shelling out few extra thousands, OnePlus 3T is the definite choice. This handset comes with a 16 Megapixels snapper not only on the rear panel but also on the front. OnePlus has even increased the size of the battery from 3000 to 3400 mAh. But the significant upgrade has to be the Snapdragon 821 over Snapdragon 820 in OnePlus 3. Therefore, if you do not really mind spending a little extra, OnePlus 3T is the way to go.

Can I trust the after sales of OnePlus?

OnePlus has established itself as one of the major player in the handset market. There is no point getting the Flagship killer title if you cannot ensure that buyers are actually happy even after they have bought the device. To begin with, such is the quality of handset manufactured that rarely had a user complained about having to visit the service center. And even if the device you bought ends with an issue or two, the brand has updated their forums with a detailed list of all service centers in the country.

Do OnePlus devices heat up a lot like some other Chinese handsets?

No, OnePlus handsets are not known to have heating issues up to the extent of dropping it or causing lags. Most metal clad devices heat up a lot primarily because of the bloated user interface used by brands and poor coordination between the hardware and software. The issue is not prominent in OnePlus devices since they come with a bespoke operating system.