Makeup artists and brands to stage protest at launch of OPPO F7

by Brand Story

Several makeup artists and brands plan to stage an hour long protest outside the launch venue for the OPPO F7. With plans to show up with heavy makeup applied on their faces, the protesters accused OPPO of putting their jobs and companies in danger. OPPO is known for creating selfie-centric smartphones and with the F7's selfie camera, it plans to take the selfie game to a whole new level. The OPPO F7 has an AI-powered selfie camera with enhanced beauty mode.

The protesters claim that OPPO selfie cameras' beauty mode makes users look so stunning that they have started applying makeup a lot less now. There has been a huge drop in the number of customers for makeup brands and makeup artists since people now look just like they desire in a matter of seconds without having to spend several minutes applying makeup before taking a selfie. The protesters fear that with the launch of the OPPO F7, which has an amazing 25MP selfie camera which also happens to be AI-powered, the number of their customers will drop even further.

This one of a kind protest will see makeup brands offering products at heavy discounts. One makeup brand has prepared a hoarding for one of their stalls which reads, "Makeup discount mein le lo, bass thoda paisa de do." Makeup artists plan to gather with several effigies of the OPPO mascot and apply makeup on them, to prove that, "Even he needs makeup."

Ashima Jagga, a makeup artist who owns renowned makeup brand Baymeline, said, "People feel they no longer need makeup because they look flawless in OPPO's selfies. Are you kidding me? Everyone needs makeup! You can look perfect digitally in OPPO's selfies, but how are you going to look perfect for real without makeup? Are selfies all you need?" Unfortunately, before she could finish giving her statement, a fan asked her for a selfie and she started pouting for one.

Protesters plan to float petitions demanding OPPO's selfie cameras to be banned. Interestingly, instead of signing the petition with pens, they are asking everyone to use lipstick so as to show their loyalty towards makeup. As the launch nears, the protestors are coming up with slogans like "Beauty mode ban karo, makeup store jaana start karo" and "AI selfie camera wapas jaao, asli makeup wapas laao." When asked what they would do if forced to vacate premises, the representatives said that they plan to throw liquid eyeliner and dry foundation at the organisers in a bid to make them look better.

"We want OPPO to stop adding selfie cameras to its phones. Even if it does add selfie cameras, it should remove the beauty mode feature. It's taking our jobs away from us," said an emotional makeup artist Kasturi Shah.

The protestors have already started sharing slogans on social media like, "Chehre pe makeup lagaao, filters nahi" and "Why let selfie cameras turn you into dogs when makeup can turn you into Kate Moss?", a dig aimed towards the OPPO F7 camera's AR stickers feature.

OPPO F7's selfie camera offers power packed performance with a 25-megapixel sensor, its ability to shoot bokeh selfies and the much talked about AI-enhanced beauty mode. The selfie camera has caused an uproar in the makeup industry with brands and makeup artists going ballistic over the camera's chances of completely taking over their jobs. Thankfully, the protestors have promised to keep things civil, and even said that once the event is over, they will take selfies with the attendeesĀ to see what produces better selfies, makeup or OPPO F7's AI.

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