Mi Band 4, Mi TV 65-inch: All the products Xiaomi announced in India

by KF Team

Xiaomi held its annual Smarter Living 2020 event in Bengaluru today, expanding its ecosystem lineup with upgrades to existing product lines alongside introduction of one new product category. At the event, the Chinese electronics giant announced the launch of four new models in the Mi TV lineup, Mi Smart Band 4, the Mi Smart Water Purifier, and the Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2. Let's have a look.

Mi Smart Band 4

The Mi Smart Band 4 was the highlight of the launch event in Bengaluru today. Successor to last year's Mi Band 3, the Mi Smart Band 4 comes with a colour OLED panel and a different design compared to its predecessor. Other than that, it has a slightly higher price tag of Rs 2,299 and comes with a couple of new software features.

Mi TV models

As for the Mi TV range, Xiaomi updated the smart TV lineup with four new models. The most affordable option is the Mi TV 4A 40-inch that comes in at Rs 17,999 with a full-HD display and 20W speakers. Then you have the Mi TV 4X with 43-inch and 50-inch models, priced at Rs 24,999 and Rs 29,999 respectively.

Mi Smart Water Purifier

Xiaomi introduced a new product category with the Smart Water Purifier that offers both RO and UV filtration for drinking water. Priced at Rs 11,999, the purifier has features such as real-time TDS monitoring, e-step purification process, and a DIY replacement method. It also has a complex penta purification process.

Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2

As part of the Mi Crowdfunding option, Xiaomi also unveiled the Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2. This motion-sensing lamp can be attached anywhere in your room and is handy for the night when you need to go to the washroom or get a sip of water. Priced at just Rs 500 in the crowdfunding campaign.

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