The Moto RAZR foldable phone just leaked, here's how it will look

by KF Team

Moto RAZR is one phone brand that almost everyone who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s remembers dearly. It was one of the first cool phones of our era; it donned a sleek design in the age of chunky, heavy-duty phones. The brand is set to return soon, as hinted by Lenovo-owned Motorola a few days back. The phone manufacturer is expected to its first foldable smartphone later this month, and everyone believes that Moto RAZR is set for a big comeback.


Reputed leak master Evan Blass took to Twitter yesterday to unveil what are supposedly the first images of the upcoming Motorola foldable smartphone. Dubbed the Moto razr, this foldable phone will look a lot like the original Moto RAZR, but with a lot more screen real estate.

The first image shows a folded Moto razr that has a screen at the place where the original had just the lid. We can also see a camera, which is probably the rear module that transforms when the device is unfolded.

A close-up shot of the folded phone shows the small screen lit up with details like time, connectivity, battery level, and shortcuts to essential apps like messaging, mail, music, and WhatsApp.

Next up, another shot shows the Moto razr in its unfolded glory, revealing a long display that has a hinge in the middle. The dimensions of this display will likely be favourable for actions like gaming and watching movies/TV shows.

A couple of side shots reveal the physical buttons on the Moto razr that include regular options like power/lock and volume control.


Previous reports have pegged the price of the Moto razr foldable smartphone at around $1,500, which is steep for most users. However, considering other options like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are priced even steeper, the price tag makes sense for a premium technology like foldable screens. Moto razr launches on November 5 in the US.

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