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Netflix Rs 199 mobile-only plan launched for India: Everything you need to know

by KF Team

Netflix 199 mobile plan is the latest offering by the content streaming giant for the Indian market. Exclusively available in India starting today, the new Netflix 199 mobile-only plan lets users access the entire library of content at a nominal price of just Rs 199 per month, with the first month free as usual. However, while cheaper, the new basic plan comes with a ton of caveats. Let’s have a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of the new Netflix 199 mobile plan for India.

As the name suggests, the Netflix 199 basic plan allows the user to stream content only on mobile devices - including smartphones and tablets (iPad included). You cannot access the content, using the Netflix 199 plan, on your laptops or TV apps. You can also not mirror or cast Netflix content to a bigger screen using Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, or any other TV streaming devices.

There are two big disadvantages to the Netflix 199 mobile plan. First, you can only stream content at a maximum quality of 480p or SD (Standard Definition). For HD streaming or above, you will have to avail the Standard or Premium plans that Netflix India offers.

Second, the new base plan allows for only one active/concurrent stream at a time. This means that you can only stream one movie or one TV show using this account at any given time. The new Netflix 199 mobile plan has been tailored for the Indian audience, and has thus been launched exclusively in India.

India is clearly an important market for Netflix as it looks to gain subscribers after a drop in viewership in the US. Considering this is a price-sensitive market, launching a ~$3 mobile-only monthly plan makes business sense. Netflix claims that more percentage of people in India watch their content on mobile devices than anywhere else in the world. It also said at an event in New Delhi that more people sign up on mobile devices here than anywhere else.

The company added that it is testing the new Netflix 199 mobile plan in other markets but has no plans to launch anywhere except India for now.

To recall, Netflix had started testing its new mobile-only plan a few months back in India, at a price of Rs 250 per month. It offered similar features, but now comes at an official price point of Rs 199. At this price, Netflix India will look to compete with the likes of Hotstar Premium, which offers a starting monthly plan of Rs 299. Hotstar Premium offers original content, live sports, and a ton of licensed content from HBO. Later this year, Hotstar Premium will also have access to Disney+ streaming service without any additional cost.

The new Netflix 199 mobile plan joins the other plans - Basic priced at Rs 499, Standard priced at Rs 649, and Premium at Rs 799.

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