New leak hints at the death of headphone jack in future Samsung phones

by Hemal V

The phenomenon of removing the headphone jack from the mobile devices which was started by Apple appears to be catching on. After everyone from Huawei to Google decided to follow the Cupertino tech giant’s footsteps, Samsung appears to be heading down the same road. Notably, even OnePlus has announced that it will drop the jack in the upcoming OnePlus 6T.

The leak appeared in the renowned Korean tech site ETNews which claimed that Samsung was considering removing the 3.5mm headphone jack after Galaxy S10. The upcoming S10 will be the last premium Samsung device to sport a headphone jack. It is not clear as of writing whether the entry-level smartphones will continue with the headphone jack or not.


The phones will come with a USB-C port and a separate conversion jack will enable users to use the 3.5mm earphones. So, using the earphones might still be possible but would not be as easy as before. Samsung’s goals of keeping the device thin while incorporating new features seem to be one of the motivations behind the removal of 3.5mm jack.

The growing popularity of wireless earphones might have also contributed to the decision. The global wireless earphone market is growing at nearly 42 percent and is expected to reach 100 million units in 2022. Samsung itself is moving towards wireless earphones, a move which was corroborated by the purchase of Harman for $8 billion in 2017.


Up until now, Samsung has been proudly advertising the support of 3.5mm jack after Apple killed it. However, the success of iPhones without headphone jack and ready acceptance of AirPods may have prompted Samsung to revisit its earlier decision. It would be hardly surprising if Samsung soon starts promoting its own earbuds.

Assuming that the ETNews is correct, things may be very tricky for the Galaxy S10 which comes out early next year. While using the headphone jack via USB-C may be possible for now, things are quickly moving towards wireless. The USB-C could disappear in a few years and then there would be noway to use the wired earphones. So, if you are one of the audiophiles that love the 3.5mm jack, you might want to start accepting the wireless era.

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