Nokia just sued the world’s biggest company for copying their original features

Nokia is making sure no one takes their piece of the cake.


The Finnish company just sued Apple for ten more patents this week. Nokia targeted the use of RF technology, Siri features including Find my iPhone and more on Apple iPhone.

Nokia also claimed that Apple is copying their cellular technology, and all models from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 5s are affected by this claim.


Another blow by Nokia is on the camera design of iPhone. It says that the rear camera cut-out on iPhone is patented by Nokia.

Apple hasn’t been silent about these developments. In fact, the tech giant removed Nokia Withings accessories from all of its stores across the world. 


If the court rules in complete favour of Nokia, Apple might have to take off all the affected products from the shelf. This is highly unlikely and Apple will most probably settle it outside by paying them off.

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