Here's how OnePlus 6's gestures compare to iPhone X and Android P

The latest flagship device offers gesture controls for navigating to home screen, switching to multi-task mode and going back

OnePlus' highly awaited flagship, the OnePlus 6 is now officially on sale and it promises to be one of the most powerful flagships in its price range. Amongst its many striking features, the most appealing one, however, is OnePlus' move to gesture based navigation with OnePlus 6. Deemed to be the future of phone navigation, OnePlus will officially take on Apple with this feature who first popularised it with 2017's iPhone X. Recently, Google had also announced its foray into gestures with Android P.

With such big competitors ready to battle it out for this latest piece of smartphone technology, here's how OnePlus 6's navigation fares against the iPhone X and Android P:

Navigate to home screen


Switching to the home screen on the OnePlus 6 is an easy breezy experience and can be done simply through swiping up from the bottom centre of the display. The iPhone X also has the same gesture for going to home screen while Android P still sticks to clicking on the pill icon to go to home.

How to switch to multi-tasking mode 


This is again one gesture that OnePlus draws heavily from the iPhone X. In both the flagships, users have to swipe up from the bottom of the display and take a pause to open the multi-tasking window. On Android P, users will be able to access this mode by simply swiping up from the bottom of the display.


How to go back


Going back to the previous screen is something OnePlus might have an edge over its competition. Users will be able to go back by swiping up from the bottom left and bottom right of the screen. Meanwhile, Google has continued to stick to its old ways and will continue to rely on the back button, which will become dynamic with the Android P. What this means is that the back button will only appear in situations where it is actually needed and will not be visible in instances such as being on the home screen, something which happened in older versions of Android.

OnePlus has introduced these three gestures to start things off, with the OnePlus 6. However, with Google officially announcing support for gesture controls for Android P and Apple already out there with the iPhone X, it seems to be officially the time we bid adieu to navigation bars. Therefore, if OnePlus has to continue to stand up to the strong competition, it will really have to up its gesture controls with future flagships to such an extent that it becomes the device's USP.

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