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Orkut's founder wants to build a social network with transparency in this insecure era

Hello already has 800,000 users across the world

by Ivan Mehta

Orkut Büyükkökten is traditionally known as the founder of which was one of the most popular social networks of its time. But the sun has set on that website and Orkut has moved on as well. He is now starting a new chapter with a new social network called Hello.

The social network was launched in India under the beta testing program last year. "It is the perfect app for India. The people there are so kind and open. There is a sense of belonging in Indian people," the founder had said at that time.


So much has changed since then, and the issue of data privacy and security looms large. Orkut wants his new network to be secure and transparent. He said that right now we don't have any ads on the platform but when they will eventually bring advertisers onboard the terms would be really transparent. The terms of data sharing would be laid out in an understandable manner and the advertisers would have a profile on the platform as well.

Hello has been tested with 35,000 users from India before the launch. All over it has more than 800,000 users around the world. Orkut said that the top feedback from the Indian community is about data usage from the app. The users want a lighter and faster experience.


Hello is a community and interest-based network. Users can choose limited interests called personas. Orkut said that the team doesn't want a user to have too many personas so they can choose the topics they truly love and be more engaging. The communities can be created around one or multiple personas. And users have to engage more to earn more points and unlock the features.


Buyukkokten said at the event, “Passions are often the start of our conversations in real life. Today’s online networks force people to treat each other totally differently from how they would behave face-to-face. Technology should help us become more understanding, more optimistic, kinder and better people. We designed hello to help you make connections in the real world. It’s a social network built on loves not likes, and I’m delighted to say hello to India once again.”

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