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PowerSquare's Indian founders aim to make the world wire-free

by Ivan Mehta

Ever since Apple announced that its new iPhones will be compatible with wireless charging, there has been a sudden rise of interest in the technology. In the past few years, Samsung has really pushed the use of wireless charging with its Galaxy series of phones and Apple's arrival in the market will further help with the cause. To propel this solution, PowerSquare's three Indian founders are working on a bunch of unique solutions.

We got a chance to meet the company's co-founder Pavan Pudipeddi, who is a veteran in Wireless Charging industry. He was a founder member of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which is a commanding authority in promoting QI charging standard. QI is currently used by almost all wireless charging smartphone solutions. Anand Katragadda and Naveen Chava are the other co-founders of the company.

When I met Pudipeddi, he was ready with his impressive set up on the table. He asked me to put my iPhone X on PowerSquare's signature charging mat and then set my smart Watch there as well. Both of the devices started to charge simultaneously.


"This charging mat is our flagship product. It has a patented six coil design. And because of that, it can charge multiple devices no matter what platform they are using," he said,"Our vision is to build a world without wires. Our focus is on the experiences rather than the products.

Another intriguing product of the startup is a wireless power bank. Apart from the traditional USB port charging the power bank can charge the devices wirelessly. If you place it on a wireless charging mat it can be charged wirelessly as well.

But the company is not just making consumer products. It is partnering with businesses to have more spots where people can charge their devices without wires. One of the sectors PowerSquare is active in is Automotive products. It is planning to put wireless charging into the cars with its proprietary products.


"The opportunity right now is huge. With Apple coming into the ecosystem, this the correct time to develop wireless solutions. More and more companies such as Xiaomi are coming into the fray. From the table sitting between us to bar counters. All of them can have wireless charging. In India, we are working with one of the largest coffee chains on wireless solutions," Pudipeddi stated.

All products are soon to be released in the US market and would later come to India. The company aims to launch these products in India in the first quarter of this year.

"Our vision is to change the way people interact with the brand. People should be able to use our solutions and products without even buying a product. That's what we want to achieve," the co-founder said.

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