Reliance Jio Says This Is The State With The Highest Number Of Subscribers

Reliance Industries declared its quarterly results just last week and Reliance Jio made its numbers public for the first time. With a loss of 2.25 crore, this is just the beginning of a surge in profit since Jio Prime plans started this month.


Another key takeaway from the report was the state breakup of the number of Reliance Jio subscribers. According to the company, the most users come from the state of Andhra Pradesh (9.4 million), followed by Tamil Nadu and Gujarat (8.1 million each).

Maharashtra and Delhi take the next position with around 7.7 millions subscribers each. As for the lowest number of users, the entire North East of India has just about 0.9 million users.


With more than 100 million subscribers on board, the data usage has gone off the charts. The company claims its users consume around 110 crore GB of 4G data a month, which is 5 times the industry standard.

The new Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan IPL offer from Reliance Jio will give you 1GB data per day and unlimited calling for 84 days at just Rs 309!

Reliance Jio News
Reliance Jio News

This is quite similar to the Summer Surprise Offer and the amount is close to the earlier Rs 303 for the same plan. However, this will give you 84 days of usage compared to 4 months with the earlier plan. 

Coming to the more premium plan, JioPrime customers can get 2GB/day and unlimited calling at a price of Rs 509 for 84 days. Non-Jio users can get the plan at Rs 549 and new customers at a price of Rs 608.

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