Buying a smartphone in 2019? Top 6 features to look out for

by Ankit Chawla

2018 is coming to an end already. We saw a lot of smartphone innovations this year like superfast charging standards, bezel-less displays, weird camera sliders, and more.

2019 holds a lot in store for smartphone enthusiasts as the market gets as competitive as ever before. Here are our top 5 picks for the smartphone features that will make the most news headlines next year.

1. A hole for the selfie camera

2018 started off with Android OEMs copying the iPhone X's display notch. It seemed like the most logical transition towards an almost-bezel-free design. However, the design quickly caught up and evolved into just a small hole for the selfie camera. Expect this design to go mainstream this year with Chinese manufacturers bringing it down to budget phones.

2. Dual rear cameras not enough?

With almost every flagship and budget Android smartphone out there getting the dual rear camera treatment, some OEMs took it up a notch with three or even four rear cameras. Expect this to be a smartphone trend in 2019 with others getting onboard to advertise this unusual feature.

3. Bend your phone like Beckham

We have been hearing murmurs around smartphones with foldable displays for the past few years now, till Samsung unveiled its concept late last year. Now, we can expect Samsung to obviously unveil the final product sometime in 2019. Chinese players like Oppo and Vivo will also want to jump into the scene with their iterations of such a device.

4. Wireless charging

With glass and ceramic back panels finally becoming cool across price segments, 2019 could be the year we see wireless charging touted as a feature on a wide variety of Android smartphones. All of them could support the Qi standard, which is the most popular one.

5. In-display fingerprint sensors

While we did see a ton of phones from Vivo with in-display fingerprint sensors, other OEMs would rush to fit one on their phones in 2019. However, with questionable security and accuracy in the early stage, it would be interesting to see how soon this futuristic technology replaces conventional physical fingerprint scanners.

6. 5G connectivity

Finally, a special mention to 5G connectivity. Qualcomm's latest flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset was launched in December with 5G network capabilities. 2019 could give us flagship smartphone models with the latest chipset and, subsequently, ultrafast 5G network support. It is currently unclear as to when this standard will go mainstream in India. Another Jio revolution would be needed for sure.

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