Snapchat has released the collaborative feature Snapabbles

Code of Snappables found in the new beta

by Ivan Mehta

Snapchat today announced the feature called Snappables which is meant for collaboration.

"Snappables are a new form of interactive Lenses through which Snapchatters can share experiences and play together in AR...anytime, anywhere," Snapchat said in its announcement.

This is a new kind of AR experiment by the company to make users engage more. Some of the Snappables are even mini-games you can play within the app. The new feature will be rolling out in coming days.



As we had reported earlier We had spotted the feature called Snappable in the code. This feature was spotted in the code of latest beta of the Snapchat App. The feature indicates that people will be able to collaborate with the Snap maker in a way. A collaborative feature is already available for celebrities with premium accounts so others the team can post snap on the account.

The description in the code reads,

"Send Snappables to invite viewers to play along! They can add themselves to this Snap, see who else is in it, and save or share it with others. Your stickers, drawings, and other creative edits are removed when a recipient joins in."

snappableUpdate: The new beta code suggests that Snapabbles might be part of the Lenses.snap


Snapchat today announced a new feature called Group video chat as well which will be rolling out to the users in coming weeks.

"Today, we’re making Chat even more fun. Now you can video chat with up to 16 of your friends at one time. Just tap the video camera icon in a Group Chat to get your friends together! Friends in the Group Chat will receive a notification inviting them to join," Snapchat said on its blog.


"How you express yourself is up to you. You can use Lenses, join only with your voice, or simply send messages that others can read while they talk. Every conversation is unique!" The company added.

In another feature called mentions this time Snapchat has taken 'inspiration' from Instagram where you can mention your friends in a story.

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