Sony's most expensive mirrorless camera lands in India

The Sony α9 full-frame mirrorless camera costs approx. Rs 3.3 lakhs but it is made for professional use

Sony's latest mirrorless camera is called α9 and it is the company's most expensive digital consumer-grade camera yet. Now, while the body-only variant of the α9 is priced at Rs 3,29,990, let me tell you that this camera is worth every penny because of the amount of crazy high-end tech it packs inside it. Don't believe me? I will let the pictures captured by the camera do the talking.

[Image credits: DPreview

P.S. Images have been cropped for our website and the hi-res samples actually look much more impressive]

Instead of going into all the technical details of the camera -- for which you can head to Sony's product page -- I'll talk about the salient features. The camera uses the world's first full-frame 24.2MP stacked CMOS sensor. It also comes with the option to shoot blackout-free continuous shooting at 20fps. And you can shoot up to 362 JPEG or 241 RAW images with continuous AF/AE tracking. This is some crazy power under-the-hood. Also, all this makes sense for the α9 because it is positioned at professional wedding photographers and sports photography enthusiasts.


Sony also claims that the α9 can do silent and vibration-free shooting at shutter speeds of up to 1/32,000 sec. My favourite feature is the α9 can shoot 4K movies with much higher detail and resolution because by default it uses full pixel readout without pixel binning to collect 6K of information. The camera then does some oversampling to produce crisp looking 4K footage that looks better than 4K captured by other cameras. It also comes with the 5-axis image stabilisation tech used by previous Sony cameras but it also offers the additional advantage of 5.0 step shutter step feature.

One of the improvements that actually makes a whole world of difference is the Sony α9 comes with a high-capacity battery with approximately 2.2x the capacity of the other batteries on older Sony cameras.

Now, if all this hasn't convinced the professional photographer in you to buy the camera then let us tell you that the Sony α9 is actually so good that DPreview actually called it "mirrorless redefined" in its review. What do you guys think?

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