Sony accidentally uploads entire movie instead of trailer on YouTube

Don't go looking for it now, as the movie has been deleted!

Of the millions of videos that most of us love to watch on YouTube for hours on end, movie trailers are among the most popular. And if you can watch the whole movie on YouTube, there’s nothing better than that!

Looks like that’s what the folks at Sony Pictures Entertainment were thinking, when they “mistakenly” uploaded an entire movie on the studio’s YouTube channel.

The movie in question is “Khali the Killer” and came out last year. Its IMDb plot summary reads, “After deciding to retire, an East L.A. hit man decides to take one last job to help support his ailing grandmother's end of life care. But everything falls apart, when he develops empathy for the targets of his hit, and he's forced to make the toughest decision of his life.”

The movie has since been deleted, but TorrentFreak managed to grab a screenshot (see below) of it from YouTube. It clearly shows the duration to be 1:29:46, and it’s impossible for a trailer to be that long. TorrentFreak’s report says that they checked the upload, and it was indeed the entire movie.


Talking about the movie itself, Khali the Killer is no blockbuster (that said, it’ll still definitely be better than anything Bollywood churns out!). The motion picture has an abysmal overall rating of 3.5 on IMDb.

Goof-up aside, it’s weird how someone managed to upload the entire movie on YouTube without realising the mistake. A full movie is clearly much bigger in size than a trailer, so even with the company’s super fast network connectivity, there must’ve been at least some delay (even if just a few seconds) for the whole thing to be uploaded.

How this happened is probably never going to be known (at least, not to the general public), but the incident has surely gotten Khali the Killer some free publicity.  Maybe that IMDb rating will get better now!

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