Tesla’s autopilot overturns car and rolls into a marsh

Passengers sustained minor injury and Tesla is investigating the incident

When you buy a Tesla, along with it comes the assurance of driving one of the safest cars in the world. But what happens when the next-gen technology goes for a toss? Something scary happened in New London, Minnesota this week when the Autopilot system of Tesla led to a car crash.


According to the driver, as soon as he switched on the Autopilot mode, the car lost control and went off the road and overturned, leaving all five passengers with minor injuries. The car was supposedly driving towards an intersection that had a marsh on the side. The autopilot took the vehicle straight off the roadway and into that marsh.

Tesla has responded by mentioning the fact that only Level Two autonomy is available in its cars, and drivers are completely responsible for what the car does with or without Autopilot mode switched on. The company is investigating into the matter to find out the exact reason behind the crash.

The recently launched Tesla Model X had received the safest SUV award by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).The independent authority gave the company’s Model X a five-star rating in terms of safety after carrying out a series of crash tests on the vehicle.

This is one of the rare incidents where a Tesla was involved in a car crash with its technology being at fault. Hopefully, this is just a one-off incident and doesn’t hinder the future of autonomy in vehicles, which is expected to grow within the next few years.

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