The biggest changes Instagram made last month

When it comes to Instagram updates, most of the time we get little ones that keep improving the platform and once in a blue moon the Facebook owned platform surprises us with a big new feature. However this is not what happened last month.

Instagram brought in quite a few big updates including the famed IGTV, Video Chats, and Instagram Lite among others that have directly/indirectly changed the way we interact with the channel. Here we’ll go in-depth into each one, starting with the star of the show: Instagram TV, or as you’ll learn to call it, IGTV.

Instagram TV


IGTV is a stand-alone app that can be accessed on its own or from within Instagram. It lets you upload and view long-form videos in a vertical full-screen format. You can imagine it as a crossover between YouTube and Instagram. But it’s different in the way that the videos can max only be an hour long and are full-screen and vertical.

Mute Feature

A small but very useful feature launched by Instagram last month, allowed users to have more control over their feed without having to unfollow someone. Mute feature lets you block unwanted posts in your feed from friends or contacts who you don’t want to offend by unfollowing them. And the best part is that muted contacts won’t get notified about the same. This will help users to de-clutter their feed and have better control over the content they want to consume.

Video Chat


Rolled out last month, this new feature lets you either chat with just one person, or a group of friends from the direct messaging thread. You can chat with up to four friends at a time and active video chats can also be minimised, letting you use other features of Instagram simultaneously.

Instagram Lite

Another major update or should I say makeover saw Instagram launch the lightweight version of its app targeted towards new and emerging markets where mobile coverage is patchy and data is expensive. Being 1/55th the size of regular Instagram, the Lite version will let users post individual and multiple photos with filters, post stories, watch stories, and discover content on the Explore tab. But they won’t be able to send messages or upload videos. The app is currently testing in Mexico and a global roll-out is expected soon.

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