There are over 15,600 nuclear weapons in the world. Find out if you live near one!

If you live in India, US, Russia or the UK, chances are you live near a massive nuclear weapon.


Stored underground in most cases, there are a total of 15,600 nuclear bombs that countries store in order to safeguard themselves from their enemies.

While most of the stock is with US and Russia, India has almost 100 nuclear weapons stored away in locations that are not publicly announced but some sources have gathered information around them.


As India is mostly on bad terms with Pakistan, it is believed that most of our weapons are stored away near bases on the borders of Punjab and Rajasthan.

Apart from that, some of them will be in the hands of our Navy – on ships, aircraft carriers and submarines.

And, it is also believed, that there are a couple of reserve weapons stored nearby major cities like Delhi and Mumbai, for emergency purposes.


But, you need not worry, as these are stored away with utmost protection and cannot go off unknowingly, harming our own citizens.

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