This top photographer is leaving Apple for Microsoft because of a very valid reason

Blair Bunting is a world renowned advertising photographer, working with big brands.


His ad campaigns have won him international accolades and awards. Bunting uses Apple laptops and desktops to get all the editing and sharpening done.

But he is disappointed.


Disappointed with how Apple released their new Macbook Pro with no SD card slots or USB ports. He did buy the new Macbook Pro, and here’s how he felt about it.


Immediately upon taking it out of the box I remember thinking, it’s a bit big, but it’s like having a desktop that I can take with me everywhere. 

What was once a beautiful platform that creative professionals craved has now become a series of comprises in a walled garden ecosystem that only adds to the grind.


In an effort to make products for everyone, Apple has begun neglecting the market that has always stood behind them: artists.

These statements coming from an Apple fan don’t seem to great for Apple’s audience. Anyway, Bunting is switching to Microsoft and so are many other professionals.

Are you making the switch?

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