This Indian taxi app focuses on driver partners, has no surge pricing

by KF Team

TukTuk Ride is the latest taxi cab aggregator app from India, which claims to have a focus on its driver partners - including emphasising on their requirements, cutting down on commissions, and encouraging cash payments.

As per a report by The Better India, TukTuk Ride is an operational cab hailing service in Noida, and most of Delhi-NCR, and already has about 5,000 driver partners on its platform. Users can book cabs in the area using the TukTuk Ride app currently available on Android and iOS.

tuktuk-ride-noida-cab-service The Better India

Yash Kapoor, founder of TukTuk Ride, claims that the decision to start a new service came after he saw the plight of drivers working with Uber and Ola. He decided to form this new service, hiring only drivers with 5-10 years of professional experience. The company follows a policy of training its chauffeurs in road safety, consumer etiquettes, and technology.

With TukTuk Ride, the entrepreneur wants to expand into smaller towns and cities, something that Uber and Ola have not been focusing on. “We plan to build an end-to-end transportation network in the small towns of India where smartphones prevail, but app taxis are absent,” Kapoor said in a statement.

As for pricing, TukTuk Ride will charge you Rs. 14 per kilometer, without the hassle of surge pricing or cancellation fees. Additionally, users can also travel via bike taxis at Rs. 8 per kilometer. The service does not provide cab pooling facility yet.

TukTuk Ride is claimed to currently have 150 daily riders, which it aims to take to 10,000 by the end of the year. It also plans to scale up its fleet to more than a lakh by next year.

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