WhatsApp now gives you the freedom to send any file of your choice

Users requested it and WhatsApp delivered it

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, has a new update rolling out to all smartphones. This new update finally lets you send any kind of file – including APKs, MP4s, and all other file extensions that you have on your phones.


Hoping to get a step further in seamless sharing, WhatsApp has released this much needed update that will allow users to just share their favourite files from the app instead of using apps like Gmail or Google Drive. It is similar to WeChat’s strategy in China where it has been placed as a one-stop shop for most online activity.

Recently, WhatsApp rolled out some key updates to the iOS platform as well. This new update lets you pin your favourite chats on top of the app’s home screen. It allows you to control who you talk to the most and have their chat boxes pinned on top whenever you want to access them.

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